Here is our weird story of Shozure...

That was a wonderful day on spring 2020, two young undergraduates talking about starting food delivery business around their area.

However that idea delivering food finally ended up with developing a multivendor e-commerce platform to sell handmade products within Sri Lanka.

This business grew some extend and unfortunately with the lack of funds and the marketing as well as no motivation to pursue further along that path multivendor platform was failed and shut down.   

After few months of shutting down the company, founders took time to think how to move forward. So they thought to pivot the previous idea which was failed and began to develop single vendor e-commerce website. With the founders knowledge and the degree background of engineering they decided to sell the most innovative products in the world to make the living easy. Then Shopzure was born.

Our Vision

Make living Easy.

Our Mission

Be the world leading e commerce company selling the most innovative product from the world to the world.

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